Online security tools

This page provides a number of tools that help to ensure security.

  • The CrypToken page contains tools that help you work with Cryptographic Tokens, which are hardware devices (usually plugging into the USB bus) that can perform cryptographic functions in such a way that secrets need not leave the token.
  • Bitdiff counts bitflips in hash outcomes -- Secure hashes such as MD5 and SHA1 claim to flip half their bits on any change to the input, because every input bit is influence on every output bit. This simple tool counts the bits that differ between two hashing outputs in hexadecimal.
  • OpenFortress trekt Sinterklaaslootjes als demonstratie van hoe simpel en elegant de inmenging van een buitenstaander kan zijn; want die buitenstaande heeft geen interesse in de zaak en kan dus vertrouwd worden om haar taak netjes te vervullen. (Dutch)

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