Cryptographic Documents

Following are documents and series that explain how to use cryptography; where needed, software is supplied. The purpose of these documents is to help everybody to strong cryptographic basics. Because cryptography isn't a luxoury product on the Internet, it's a means of survival for many!

All that follows follows under a BSD style license, making it freely usable in both home and business. Enjoy!

Cryptography at home

This toolkit provides articles that use modest equipment that most people have at home when they use a computer and the Internet. When done well, strong crypto is an achievable goal!

  • How to generate truly random bits using a radio station connected to a sound card, it is straightforward to generate cryptographically acceptable random sequences. But beware of the fine print -- generating good random numbers does require some attention to details!


The following list provides essays, usually with a bit of code to make the demonstration sparkle. Opinions may occasionally be present  ;-)

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